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Customization Services

We have received numerous requests for customization of the script. We do offer customization services.

To ensure customers take full advantage of the Tracking4Web Script , We work closely with them to customize the solution to a customer’s specific needs.

Our customizations can involve the following:

  • Changing the functionality, workflow, and processes of the product to fit specific business needs
  • Defining the required configuration of our products
  • Customizing visual aspects of the solution (colors, logos, images, layouts, screen behavior)
  • Addressing visual customization of 3rd party applications involved in the solution (SMS integration is one good example)
  • Developing additional product functionality or capabilities

Please contact us by filling this form. As soon as we receive those requirements, an estimation/proposal or questions list will be sent back to you. Customisation charges will be charged extra over the base product cost.

Note: extensive customizations and integrations may require a short mini-gap analysis to ensure the customization is feasible and makes sense.